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iPhone 11 Release Date specs rumours

iPhone 11 release date price & specs rumours 2018

iPhone 11 release date price & specs rumours 2018 When will Apple announce the follow-up to iPhone 8 and X? Do you know Apple iPhone 2018 What’s story iPhone Latest Model Release date, new features, UK pricing, and all the rumors about the 2018 iPhone technical specs. Also known as iPhone 11, XI, or X Plus. Apple released iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X in September and November 2017, but is expecting an iPhone update in 2018. This article summarizes the initial rumors about the new iPhone coming out next fall, such as iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone XI, iPhone X Plus, or the regular iPhone. If you want advice on the current lineup, it’s a good idea to read the iPhone Buying Guide or search for the best iPhone deals.

  • iPhone 2018 Release Date
  • iPhone 9+
  • We expect the successors of iPhone 8 and X to be released in September 2018.
  • This is consistent with the usual habit of launching a new flagship iPhone in September, exactly one year after the release of iPhone 8.

However, in 2017, the company did not release all of the new iPhones at the same time. The release of the iPhone X came just a month after the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It is not completely clear whether this is due to delays or intentional consequences. Apple may have benefited from the blind demand for iPhone X. And may have sold more iPhone 8 handsets than iPhone X is available sooner. Apple has struggled with component availability and manufacturing issues. We do not expect to have staggering shots for the new iPhone in 2018. (The new iPhone SE 2 (except for details about the iPhone in spring 2018).

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, does not think Apple will miss the launch date of September 2018. Kuo believes that by 2018 Apple will be ready for all new models to hit the same shipment date. “We have achieved stable shipments and timely deliveries,” he said in a study note to customers.

What new iPhone will be available in 2018?

We do not know how many new iPhones Apple will release in 2018. There is a possibility to see successors of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Or you can see that the two phone designs are integrated into one. For example, an updated version of iPhone X (iPhone XI, iPhone 11, iPhone X and later) can be combined with iPhone X Plus. The bigger the handset, the bigger the full-screen display. The two new iPhones can be successors to iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. The design and home button of the iPhone 6 era resigned on the scrap heap.

Alternatively, Apple may release three new iPhones in the fall of 2018. This is what Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities expects. He believes that three new models will be released and all three models will have all the same screen designs as the now familiar notches, as described here.

  • iPhone 2018 price The iPhone X has been positioned by Apple as a premium-priced premium iPhone. The price was £ 999 / $ 999, plus the iPhone 8 and plus £ 699 / $ 699 and £ 799 / $ 799.
  • If you believe in the Chinese Economic Daily article in October 2017, you will have fewer iPhone X style handsets in 2018.

According to this site, two or more follow-up products of iPhone X are exhibiting. With the successor product of iPhone X, there will be a more familiar budget model to attract new customers. This ‘budget’ iPhone X-style iPhone is Hangul code name, and the more expensive version is code-named Lisboa. The Economic Daily’s argument appears to have been supported by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Ming-Chi Kuo argued that Apple will showcase affordable iPhones with the same features as iPhone X, including a display without a bezel. To lower the cost, this device features an LCD-TFT screen and fewer pixels. (Learn more about the handset below).

This inexpensive handset is priced between $ 649 and $ 749, according to Kuo. (We expect to translate from £ 649 to £ 749, which now offers a discount of £ 50 on the price of iPhone 8).

iPhone 2018 screen & size

In 2018, we expect all major Apple iPhones to adopt the full screen iPhone X design. This means that the heirs of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the successor of the iPhone X can be bezel free design, no face ID camera, no home button. So far I have heard all about the 2018 iPhone screens.

Screen size According to sources, Apple’s 2018 iPhone update will include three new screen sizes, including the largest screen on the iPhone. According to an unnamed industry source, The Investor claims that Apple and Samsung signed an agreement in May 2017 to supply 5.28-inch and 6.46-inch OLED panels for the iPhone in 2018. The 6.4-inch display on the iPhone 8’s 8-plus screen and the 5.5-inch screen on the 5.8-inch screen are expected to increase, which is scheduled for the iPhone Xplus.

Regarding the 5.28-inch screen, according to a report in August 2017, the 5.28-inch model was canned in favor of the 5.85-inch screen, and now sounds like the iPhone X. In November 2017, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that there will be three new iPhone models. The 6.5in, 6.1in and 5.8in models mentioned above.

According to Kuo, two of the 2018 iPhones now have the same OLED screen as the iPhone X, but they have an LCD-TFT display and offer a low price. The resolution of that model also decreases. However, the model for using the ‘budget’ feature has a 6.1-inch screen, not the smaller 5.8-inch model he expects.

“The two new OLED models are aimed at the high-end market, and the new TFT-LCD models are aimed at the low-end and mid-range markets: we meet the diverse needs of the major hardware differences in the two new OLED models The new TFT-LCD model will be significantly different from the OLED model in hardware and design specifications (eg PPI will be lower). The main selling point for TFT-LCD models can be innovative. The user experience of full screen design and 3D sensing integrated with tags (estimated at $ 649 to $ 749).

Micro LED screen It is reported that Apple suggested using a micro LED screen. Initially, like OLED Watch, you could see it on Apple Watch, but eventually you can use it on your iPhone. It’s clear that Apple’s interest in this technology was acquired by LuxVue (a site specialist) in 2014. Micro-LEDs offer low power consumption, high brightness, super high definition, high saturation, fast response time, longer lifetime and higher efficiency.

OLEDs provide many of these features, but micro LEDs provide high brightness and saturation. Apple Watch can get this technology in 2018 and get iPhone in a year.

iPhone 2018 Features

By the end of 2017, Facebook and wireless charging were added. We have what we expect in 2018. Face IDs on all models, but touch IDs on the screen are still available. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a report that predicts that every new iPhone released in fall 2018 will apply the new Face ID face recognition technology, which is a technology challenge for fingerprint scanning with screen ID . The latter is still possible.

Kuo warned that Apple’s plans depend on how favorable the face ID is. If you feel it is difficult, annoying, or unreliable for your users, put more resources on fixing fingerprint scanner problems below the screen. Apple was able to set the face ID on the iPhone X, but sought to integrate the Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the display of smartphones or tablets. In fact, Apple filed a patent for the Touch ID display in January 2013.

iPhone 9 Rumors and Patents: Scan Display

This patent describes how to scan a finger on the display instead of the home button. Describes touch screen displays with a fingerprint layer that can be used to introduce advanced multi-user support. For example, Apple can use fingerprinted displays to allow specific users to open specific apps. For example, it may be useful for people with children who want to explore the iPad. In addition, Apple can use the display further. For example, you can use it with the Piano app to teach the user the exact finger placement of the instrument.

Gigabit LTE / LTE Advanced Since 4G has been introduced, you may feel that you have no time at all, but the next important thing is Gigabit LTE. By itself, you can stop on the way to 5G. The technology will be applied to the iPhone in 2018.

Gigabit LTE promises download speeds of up to 1,000 megabits. Gigabit LTE-enabled smartphones also benefit from the ability to make data connections away from the tower, and can be connected to other stations in the busy railway station, surrounded by other devices. Some phones can already support new technologies, including Galaxy Note 8. However, iPhone X does not support Gigabit LTE.

Gigabit LTE is only available on EE test sites in London’s Tech City and Cardiff. However, in 2018, EE will change as it launches nationwide Gigabit LTE. Then mobile phones that are ready to support it will have fast upload and download speeds, and iPhone X will not. However, when launching 5G, which promises speeds in excess of 1Gb / s (or even 10Gb / s), you will have to use a completely different modem chip inside your smartphone, so you will even miss out on Gigabit LTE-enabled phones. More on 5G below …

5th generation one of the landmarks of iPhone history included 3G in the second generation model. With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple fans also got 4G. Now that 5G testing is in progress, 5G is likely to be underway.

Apple submits applications obtained by Business Insider to deliver cellular link performance in a direct path between a base station transmitter and receiver and in a multipath environment with 5G and “millimeter wave” wireless technologies using 28GHz and 39GHz bands “Has been tested. .

“This assessment will provide engineering data related to the operation of the device in the wireless carrier’s future 5G network. 5G will provide a faster cellular Internet connection, but the details are still vague. Although many companies now agree with technology and specifications, there is no 5G standard. For more information on the latest 5G development and announcement, please click here. What is 5G?

Perhaps Apple will wait for 5G rather than add LTE Advanced to the iPhone? Long wait: The first public 5G network will be available in the UK by 2020, but some preliminary implementations can arrive in 2019. 5G is not likely to become widespread by 2022.

Long distance wireless charging
Wireless charging for use with iPhone 8 and X is common to today’s technology standards and requires physically placing the device on a charging mat. It is convenient, but not exactly a game changer, because the two elements must be in contact.

Bloomberg, however, is working to charge the long distance wireless and can use near-field magnetic resonance to charge it at a distance of about one meter. And some bitter comments from the charging company ‘s CEO suggest that Apple might be planning something more ambitious. Energous CEO Steve Rizzone addressed The Verge before CES 2017 and removed key hints about the exclusive “core strategic partnership” the company signed two years ago, which delayed the launch of wireless charging technology. It has a range of 15 feet.

“We did not reveal the name of the partner, but Energous certainly fired speculation,” Rizzone said, saying the partnership is “one of the biggest consumer electronics products.” I can not say who I am, but I can guarantee that the company’s products are at your desk, at your desk, or at home. “

Energous is not the only company responsible for long distance wireless charging. In February 2017, Disney Research suggested a new way to transmit power wirelessly throughout the room. Users can charge their electronic devices anywhere in the room, just as they do with WiFi with current technology.

“In this study we demonstrated room-size wireless power,” said Alanson Sample, director of fellow labs. “There is no reason to extend it to the size of a toy chest or the size of a warehouse.”

iPhone 9 Rumors and Patents: Battery life

LG Electronics manufactures L-type batteries. The Korea Economist claims that Apple has chosen LG Chem as its exclusive supplier of batteries for next-generation iPhones to be launched in 2018. LG Chem cited an anonymous source saying that LG has a billions of dollars in battery manufacturing facilities and is ready to start full-scale production in early 2018 in line with the “iPhone 11”. That is not all. The report also claims that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will adopt an “L” shaped “curved” battery module. The optimized battery shape maximizes internal space and improves the charging speed of the two functions the iPhone desperately needs. As Apple can now see in this image from iFixIt’s iPhone ID (teardown), the iPhone X uses two batteries in the L formation.

Accumulated battery cells

With another ongoing rumor, Apple will adopt battery technology originally developed for the 12-inch MacBook (retained for the 2016 version), and a contoured layered battery unit is stacked inside the chassis to achieve the maximum possible per inch size. It’s possible. You can save space and use it to reduce more battery capacity within fixed or shrunk volumes available in future iPhones. Engineers have been able to radically change the overall design of the iPhone because of the new technology. This is because engineers no longer work in fixed battery form. Smartphones are a mature market, but now you need a brave manufacturer that changes the essential form. This is like crazy microwave designers inventing spheres.

iPhone X already uses a dual layer logic board to save space.

Apple Pencil Compatibility iPhone fans have been asking for this for a while, and the stylus input on the iPhone is not as clear as the iPad, but there are certain situations that can be of help. The larger the screen, the more useful the stylus will be. iPhone X, and the rumored iPhone X Plus are powerful candidates for compatibility with Apple Pencil. One source is sadly predicted to be farther than we are. An anonymous industry official said in an interview with the Korea Herald in November 2017 that Apple is not necessarily developing a “pencil” but a smartphone equipped with a “digital pen” and is expected to launch in 2019. Steve Jobs claims that the best stylus is a finger.

Camera Update
Rear 3D Scanner (for AR) It is unlikely that Face ID or TrueDepth technology will be applied to the back camera of the iPhone. But that does not mean that the camera on the back of the iPhone does not get clever new features. Bloomberg reported that in 2018, the iPhone 11 will be equipped with a 3D scanner on its rear sensor array because it is “people familiar with the plan”. This is based on a structured lighting technique that projects 30,000 laser dots onto a pattern, added or separate from the front-mounted TrueDepth Scanner used for Face ID, Animoji and similar functions. I will. “

Instead, the new system will use a time-of-flight approach that calculates the time it takes for the laser to reflect from nearby objects, the site claims. This new scanner is primarily used in augmented reality (AR) applications that build 3D models of the environment and then provide information and functionality related to this model. Apple already had a big impact on AR when it launched ARKit on WWDC 2017.

Anti-recording patent In June 2016, Apple filed a patent to prevent people from recording at concerts via infrared signals. This is to solve the artist’s complaints that fans upload bad quality video of the show and quality control is a problem.

IPhone 9 Rumors and Patents: Apple Anti-Burning Patents

The patents met with some critics; Some people say they are violating their privacy. Others view artists and non-smartphone users in a good direction for those who want it. You can also use infrared signals to provide details about specific objects, such as plants, in the same way as training. It’s not clear how technology will actually be used, but it’s clear that Apple is thinking about it. Super Resolution’ picture Apple wants to improve the camera capabilities of iOS devices. A patent issued by the USPTO in May 2014 suggests that the iPhone will soon be able to capture “super-resolution” photos thanks to optical image stabilization. Features of iPhone 6 Plus.

This patent describes a system that creates a “super-resolution” picture by stitching together a series of photographs at slightly different angles. iPhone 9 Rumors and Patents Apple does not offer a device to take all the pictures this way. Instead, you have the option of turning on super-resolution mode, just like HDR and Panorama mode.

There are a few rumors that Apple will demonstrate this capability to the iPhone in the near future, noting the “DSLR-quality” capability that represents the biggest camera jump in iPhone upgrade history. DigiTimes announced that Apple is already producing an iPhone camera with a resolution of over 12Mp. It is located in a new factory built by Taiwan’s lens manufacturer Largan Precision. Exchangeable camera lens Apple is investigating the possibility of exchanging iPhone camera lenses.

iPhone 9 Rumors and Patents In January 2014, the company issued two patents explaining how to connect camera modules to devices such as iPhone and iPad.

The first patent, “Rear Panel for Portable Electronics with Different Camera Lens Options,” describes a portable electronic device with a removable case that allows attachment of the camera, such as a wide-angle or fisheye lens. The second patent, “Magnetic add-on lenses with alignment bumps,” provides an alternative way to attach new camera lenses to iPhone using magnets. The removable iPhone camera lens is already available but is now an external accessory made by a third party. You can read about our selection of the best iPhone camera lens accessories: the best iPhone camera lens.

2018 iPhone design change

In this section, we look at some of the new design changes that we expect from iPhone. IPhone launchers and illustrators around the world are focusing their brains on imagining radical new designs. (Of course, it’s important to decide how you want your device to look like: do not assume that you will not have a lot of similarity with the real thing, because it’s how you actually run the device for practical purposes.

This section will publish the best artist’s rendering intact. As the launch gets closer, product leaks must begin to occur, and in reality, they will get a sense of Apple’s plans. But it is still too fast. The first rendering is in iDrop News. New iPhone 11 2018: Rendering Design with iDrop News

  • Sidewall display
  • iPhone 9 Rumors and Patents
  • Concept picture by Michael Shanks.

In May 2014, Apple patented “electronics with side displays,” which in the future could lead to future iPhones with displays on the front, sides, and edges. This patent suggested that the sidewall display could be an extension of the main touch screen and could have an interactive or touch sensitive portion. Apple suggests that the Sidewall screen space can be used to display application icons or display slide locks, music player controls, messaging readings, caller ID, system controls, and so on. We think that the problem with the screen that surrounds the smartphone is that it is impossible to cover the cell phone without removing the function. Without a cover, your phone can easily break.

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